Be a Prince - or Princess - during your stay:

There are certain to be dozens of 3-star hotels in large conurbation centres. Equally certain is the sobering monotony of the soulless ordinariness that can be encountered in this particular area. However, we are also certain that we can make a memorable impression through creativity and personal communication with our guests. And rest assured - at the PRINZ ANTON Hotel you will be a Prince - or Princess - throughout your stay!


The PRINZ ANTON Hotel is located in a peaceful side street in the centre of Düsseldorf within walking distance of the CAPITOL Theatre (international musicals), the prestigious Königsallee, the “Altstadt” - which claims to be the “longest bar in the world” - and many other attractions for leisure, relaxation and sightseeing. Moreover, the Hotel’s close proximity to the main railway station and the numerous local public transport services makes it readily accessible for convenient arrival and departure.


All rooms at the PRINZ ANTON are furnished for exceptional comfort and it goes without saying that they all have their own private bathroom, together with a host of amenities for an enjoyable stay in a sophisticated, yet very relaxing environment.

The fine granite floor in all the hotel rooms is far more than the mere creation of an air of superlative sophistication. Not only does this match the modern furnishing concept of the rooms, but the granite floor also gives dust-mite allergy sufferers a new sense of freedom from dust-ridden carpets for the ultimate in crisp clean air.


Get to know our hotel by downloading our video. This requires the following player: